pastore svizzero bianco



After three wonderful litters of Mum Indra, the time for her daughter Venus arrived !!

This's a particolar emotion because that little girl who I was seen born and by which a special feeling was created ..... now she is mom !!!! .....

PUPPIES of LOVE ARRIVED....5 males and 4 females !!!!!


All Photos week to week >>>> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 bye-bye!!

pastore svizzero bianco cuccioli

A long birth, but all was perfect and Venus is a wonderful mother !!....



My lovely VENUS ..........chose KUPERIS!!!!


this is wonderful father of our puppies .......KUPERIS VEJUONUS SERKSNAS

pastore svizzero bianco, von der nordhelle, kuperis


and this's VENUS, wonderful doughter of my Indra of White Condor and CWF Evening Star ( LUX )

pastore svizzero bianco, lungoresina, cuccioli, white condor

Really, for her first litter I had again chosen, the wonderful and well known White Swiss Shepherd who lives in Germany at "Von der Nordhelle" Kennel


I was very impresssed from this male, so nice and energetic in spite of his 10 years old, and from his beautiful childrens with Indra !!!......


VENUS has done her choice, she wouldn't Cumano.....she fell in love with young boy


.....young and handsome male of Nicole, with excellent character, stable, open and very friendly,

from this litter I attend healthy puppies, beautiful and with good character who will need to be much loved only !!

If you would like as friend one VENUS's puppy, I suggest you to contact us in advance !



Both parents have been checked and certified healthy for dysplasia of the hips and elbows (HD and ED)

for sensitivity to certain drugs (MDR1) and for the degenerative myelopathy (DM).

They will be gave to the new owners after 60 days of age, wormed and with the first dose of vaccine.

It will also be given a folder containing a copy, all documents of parents relatively

to their genealogy and health tests to which they were subjected,

and even a kit-puppy with the first collar and leash.

A written contract will stipulate between us and new owners: with our guaranties about puppies

and with cares of new owners about puppies. Reservation is adviced !