My pedigree

My pedigree is complete

...this means all my ancestors are identified and registered in a studbook recognized by FCI. In Italy this book is the ROI and ENCI has it.

My pedigree tells about blood lines of whome I'm bearer. Prestigious Austrian and German lines constitute the greatest maternal part and they contributed very much to built the basement of my breed in Europe and in other mainlands. The paternal part is bearer of new english lines . They haven't been too famous in Europe yet so they are very interesting.

I'm a mixture of both of them: I very similar to my beautiful mother , but I've got my father's strong bones and wonderful behaviour!


My pedigree is on the most complete database of dog breeds :




My look...

berger blanc suisse

All people fall in love with me....... and I love all world !!!!

I have taken part in many Expò and the judges who esamined me described me in this way:

Subject in type , inscribed in a rectangle, height 65 cm - weight 39kg.

Male head with correct cranio-facial axis, the ears are inserted in a correct way, he has bull's eyes and they are medium brown ( they can be more dark )- the set of teeth is complete and has a scissor bite - the mucous are well pigmented black - the neck is long and inserted in a correct way.

The trunk is well done; the fore and the back limbs have a good angle-shot. The feet close in a right way and the nails are pigmented - he wears his tail in a correct way - white fur with a thick undercoat - His movement is wide and fluent.


My movement



My tests of good health