pastore svizzero bianco


BLEU, a wonderful White Swiss Shepherd girl, two months old, in June 2014 arrived from Germany, at our home!

I had many expectations about Bleu, a so wonderful girl with an excellent character...... she had become the "wife" of Toruk and Spock .......but things don't always go the way you want.... so after some months, despite her young age, a very bad problem of health changed all programs. Bleu is very strong girl and she passed well this bad moment and now she lives normaly, but reluctantly, she can't have puppies......

A wonderful Family of friends, moved by her story and her lovely character, decided to take care of her and I, although with a very difficult decision to make, have go along with their wish and so now Bleu lives with Andrea and his wife Mariella!!! They pass all moments of their life with Bleu.....long walks on the beach, at the park and in the mountains ! Bleu has two new four-legged friends, Salvo and Ombra...... they are totally overwhelmed by her vitality and desire to play !!!

Bleu with her Friends will be often in Umbria and I will continue to follow her growth and to take care of her whenever it will be necessary.....she will live in an "extended family" !!!


Good Life Bleu !!!!


September 2015 - Feniglia beach ....... at the sea with Bleu !!!!!

wonderful BLEU !!!


July 2015 - Bleu is always the protagonist ...... at wedding of friends too...!!!



June 2015 - Andrea and Bleu.....our "Sea wolfs "....... !!!

pastore svizzero bianco mare


May 2015 - First swim in the sea for Andrea and Bleu at Porto Ercole beach!!!

bleu pastore svizzero


marc 2015 - the shepherdess...!!!!!!

pastore svizzero bianco


January 2015 -


10 January 2015 - Bleu is always to walk..... here she's at Colosseo with Mariella e Andrea !!

26 dicembre 2014 - Bellissima giornata con BLEU !!!

Novembre 2014 - Bleu e Salvo

..... 3 - 4 mesi !

pastore svizzero bianco, sutumer grund, lungoresina

lungoresina, pastore svizzero bianco, sutumer grund, feeling bleu, bleu
sutumer grund, lungoresina, pastore svizzero bianco lungoresina, sutumer grund, white swiss shepherd

....... 2 mesi !!

sutumer grund

lungoresina, sutumer grund
sutumer grund white swiss shepherd lungoresina lungoresina, sutumer grund
lungoresina pastore svizzero bianco